The love for the traditional dance and music united a group of residents from Pyrga, who founded the Pyrga Dance Club in 2005.

The Dance Club numbers about 100 people. Moreover, six musical instrument players participate in the Dance Club team. The president of the Community Council Mr. Christakis Constandinou is responsible for managing the Club whereas the dancing teacher Mr. Pieros Zapounis is responsible for teaching Cypriot, Greek, European and Latin dances.

The Club participates in several events both within and outside the community. Among the Club activities is the organising of lectures about dancing and more specifically about folklore choreodramas. It must also be mentioned that all Club activities are supported by the Community Council.

As we have aforementioned, the Dance Club is present in many events. Papageorgiou remarks the following regarding the participation of the Club in a series of events which were held on the island of Rhodes: “In August 2006, during the Panhellenic exhibition of handicrafts, after an invitation by the Municipality of Petalloudes of Rhodes, the dancing team of the club travelled to the island of Rhodes where it presented dancing performances in different parts of the island. During its presence there, the Pyrga Dance Club was distinguished and honoured for its performances among the many dance clubs which took part and which came from different countries”.

Costas Papageorgiou, Pyrga, ‘Kato apo to vlemma tou Stavrovouniou’ (Beneath the sight of Stavrovouni), Lefkosia 2007

After many efforts of the notable inhabitants of the village and also of the associations of the nationalists of Pyrga, the football club of the village was founded. The goal of the people who organized it was to bring the inhabitants closer to each other and also close to sports.

The football team was founded under the name Youth Club of Pyrga. We managed to bring together all the young people of the community and we organized several events.

For two years the team participated in a federation in Nicosia but due to the economic problems that we faced, we were obliged to quit and participate only in tournaments.

In 1998 we decided to come back again in the federation and the results were encouraging. Some unfortunate events forced us to leave again. In 2000 we entered in the “Leontiadio championship” which belongs to the football afederation of SEK Laranaca. Until now, our team has won the champion twice, in 2003/04 and 2004/05. We also managed to participated twice in the finals of the cup, in 2000/02 and 2003/04.

The football team is sheltered in the Nationalist Association of Pyrga. In 2000 we commenced a big and hard effort: we started to expand the Association and the restore of the current buildings. For the realization of this effort we needed a lot of money. We managed to complete this project with the contribution of the Community Council and the donation of the inhabitants and friends of the community.

We also organized several events and the annual ball of the village which takes place in July. We honor the national anniversaries with special events and speeches from many notable guests.

Religious Orthodox Foundation “Agia Marina” of Pyrga

One of the old associations operating in Pyrga is the Religious Orthodox Foundation “Agia Marina” of Pyrga, THOI, which was established around 1945.

The Religious Orthodox Foundation is housed in a restored building which is located next to the National-belief Associations of Pyrga. The foundation was named “Agia Marina” after the protector Saint of Pyrga.At the time of the foundation’s establishment, as Papageorgiou remarks, the British would not permit the establishment of politicized associations. They would, however, permit the establishment of religious and sports athletic associations.

Kostas Papageorgiou, Pyrga, Beneath the stare of Stavrovouni, Lefkosia 2007

The Athletic Union of Pyrga (A.E.P), whose main sports activity is football, has for decades given the young people of the community the opportunity to get involved into sports.

The football team of A.E.P. participates in the annual championship of the Cyprus Football Association (CFA). Costas Papageorgiou writes for the historic route of A.E.P: “The football team of A.E.P has won two championships while it came second eight times. In the cup games, A.E.P played in the final twice without succeeding to win any of them”.

The team of A.E.P. was honoured for its morality and received the Ethos Award four times, something which, as Papageorgiou remarks, “honours both the team and the community of Pyrga”. He also mentions the names of some good former football players who played for the team of A.E.P and which are: Christakis Simeou, Savvas Nicolaou, Prodromos Michael, Antonakis Anastasiou, Stavros Ravkiolis, Michalakis Constandinou, Andreas Constandinou, Charalampos Hadjigeorgiou, Stephanos Constandinou, Takis Yiagkou, Andreas Charalampous and Socrates Chrysostomou who is now the priest of the community, Father Socrates.

During the 50’s, Turkish-Cypriots residents of Pyrga were also playing for the team of A.E.P. The names of some of these players as they are mentioned by Papageorgiou are:Redjep Imprahem, Ismael Salih and Moustafa Achmet.

Costas Papageorgiou, Pyrga, ‘Kato apo to vlemma tou Stavrovouniou’ (Beneath the sight of Stavrovouni), Lefkosia 2007.


The Hunting Club was founded after the desire of the hunters of the village to offer everything they could in their village and especially for hunting issues such as poaching, development of prey, opening and closure of certain hunting areas etc.The Hunting Club “Stazousa” in Pyrga was founded in October 1997. It was named “Stazousa” because of the Byzantine chapel which is built in the area. This area was very popular for hunting since older times.

During the first meeting of the club 36 members were registered. The majority of the participants decided to elect a committee which would represent them and manage the problems and the several issues that came up.

The hunting club became a member of the Cypriot Federation of Hunting and of the Federation of Wild Nature Conservation. This federation is a member of the European FACE.

The Club and the District Committee have decided to elect the president of our club as a president of the Pancyprian Committee of the two federations.The Hunting Club organizes shooting competitions. After many efforts the Committee of the Hunting Club managed to elect a member in the District Committee of the two aforementioned federations. The member which was elected is the president of the Hunting club, Koullis Prastitis.

The Hunting Club “Stazousa” has the honor to be one of the most important clubs of its kind in Cyprus.

In 2005, the registered members of the Hunting Club were 78 and they cooperate perfectly.The Club is sheltered in the coffee shop of Tasos Nikolaou since the first day of its foundation. It owes its own fire-engine and a voluntary group of fire fighters who were called very often by the Pancyprian Fire Service for its help.