The Community Council of Pyrga, in the line of its efforts for a rational development of the village, has already completed several infrastructure and beautification works. Some of them are:

  1. The construction of a new community hall which includes offices for the community council, a theatre hall, a community library, an infirmary and a restaurant.
  2. Supply of water to the community by constructing a new large water tank, a new drilling and replacement of the entire water supply network.
  3. The construction of a community stadium.
  4. Beautification of the central square of the community with tiles, lighting, benches, greenery areas and a playground.
  5. Creation of new roads and widening and asphalting of all the community’s roads.
  6. The building of a new primary school next to the existing one and conversion of the old primary school into a children’s club and nursery school.
  7. Beautification of the forest which is situated on the northern side of the community.
  8. The construction of a park at the poor families building plots.
  9. The construction of stone-built walls for the creation of flower gardens.
  10. Nursery School.
  11. The construction of a retaining wall, a sewer and pavements at the Larnaca Avenue and at the Ioannou and Paraskevaides Street.
  1. Conversion of the old police station into a Multi-fuctional centre for young people.
  2. Completion of the community stadium by creating changing rooms, lighting and stands. Grass on the playing ground.
  3. Construction of a sewage system which will cover the entire community. The project is planned to be completed in different phases.
  4. Configuration of a Kitchen and Lavatories at the Primary School of Pyrga.
  5. Restoration of the Fountain and construction of a paved street with lighting and benches which leads to the Markourous area.
  6. Construction of a Futsal pitch and road.
  7. A storage room for the Community Council of Pyrga.
  8. Repair of the Thresh (Location Pampoulia).
  9. New cemetery.
  10. Gym.
  11. Construction of Pubic Lavatories.