Both the Nursery and the Primary School have been housed in modern building premises since 2008. The School building maintains, apart from six classrooms, a multiple usage hall, a science lab, an art hall and a music hall, as well as sports facilities. Additionally, the building has the necessary offices a school needs, as well as other useful spaces such as storage rooms.

In the past, the nursery school was housed in a hall which used to be the classroom of Turkish-Cypriot students. This hall was externally and internally formed in a way suitable for little children.

The Primary School which used to operate before the creation of the new school building was constructed in 1967 in order to replace an older primary school building, which was built on the land where the new church of Agia Marina is today built. The Primary School which operated for over four decades, originally had three classrooms, the principal’s office, the canteen and a storage room. Later on, when the number of students increased, the storage room was turned into two classrooms. The number of students increased after the tragic summer of 1974, when refugee families came and settled in the village, as well as when Pyrga was chosen as a place of residence by families coming from other areas.

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