The national contribution of the people of Pyrga is engraved on the pages of the Greek and Cypriot history. The residents of Pyrga fought in the Balkan and World Wars and in the liberating fight of E.O.K.A.

BalkanWars – WWI

According to Papageorgiou, our fellow villager, the late Evaggelos Costanti Kasapis fought in both the Balkan Wars and WWI.

World War II

More fellow villagers fought in World War II. Following below is a table with the names of the people of Pyrga who fought and which have been mentioned by senior residents of the village to Kostas Papageorgiou:

  • Andreas Stavrinou
  • Evaggelos Costanti Kasapis
  • Christakis Stavrinou
  • Georgios Spyrou
  • Michael Tsagkaris
  • Christakis Symeou
  • Demetris Agiannitis
  • Nicos Hadjikostis
  • Christoforos Pafitis

National Liberating fight of EOKA

The following residents of Pyrga fought in the liberating fight of EOKA against the British colonization:

  • Father Socratis Chrysostomou
  • Andreas Charalambous
  • Savvas Nicolaou
  • Michalakis Constantinou

Kostas Papageorgiou, Pyrga, Beneath the stare of Stavrovouni, Lefkosia 2007