Aiming to sensitize and mobilize mainly the residents of the village on matters concerning recycling and composting, several pages taken from issues of magazine “Garbage and Recycling”, which is published by the Ecological Recycling Company, are presented below.

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Cited below in the order presented in the e-catalogue are the pages which have been retrieved from “Garbage and Recycling” magazine published by the Ecological Recycling Company.

“Garbage and Recycling, Festschrift: Compost: Garbage Wealth”, issue 26, April, May, June, 1998, pp.12-14

“Garbage and Recycling, Festschrift: Composting”, issue 62, April, May, June, 2007, pp.4-13, 14, 17-19, 27-28

“Garbage and Recycling, Festschrift: Compost from Garbage! Youth initiative at school and at home”, issue 42, April, May, June 2002, pp.18-20.

“Garbage and Recycling”, issue 9, January, February, March 1994, pp. 34-35.

“Garbage and Recycling, Festschrift: Environmental and Sustainable Development Education”, issue 54, April, May, June 2005, pp.33-34.

“Garbage and Recycling, Festschrift: Waste reduction”, issue 11, July, August, September 1994, pp.47, 49-52

“Garbage and Recycling, Festschrift: Glass: An environmentally friendly material”, issue 32, October, November, December 1999, pp. 5, 13, 15-17

“Garbage and Recycling, Festschrift: Hazardous materials in the house and in the garbage”, issue 23, July, August, September 1997, pp.22-24, 28-32

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